Webartsco’s official name is The Webarts Company Pty Ltd: that’s a bit of a mouthful, which is why we shortened it to “Webartsco” for everyday use.

The company was incorporated in May 1993 and provides a diverse range of services in busienss coaching, personal development, and social media strategy, together with original art works and related products.

Directors of the company are Des Walsh and Suzie Cheel.  Des is a business coach, Suzie is an artist and The Heart Whisperer.

Des Walsh is a business coach, a professional sounding board for business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready for an alternative to the the echo chamber effect of being the “lonely at the top” leader. He is a certified social media strategist, a LinkedIn expert, speaker and author.

Des is passionate about helping business owners and executives build on their strengths to have more profit, with less stress. He know how to help them navigate social media maze and use social media effectively to enhance their businesses. An experienced speaker and presenter, for small and large groups, he relishes opportunities to work with like minded people internationally, across industry sectors and geographical and cultural barriers.

He established his consulting, training and coaching business – Des Walsh & Associates, now Webartsco – after a successful career in public service.

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Facebook: Des Walsh, Coach
Twitter: @deswalsh
LinkedIn: Des Walsh

Suzie CheelSuzie Cheel is an artist and The Heart Whisperer, creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards.

She is a certified Law of Attraction facilitator, intuitive coach, artist, inspirational speaker and author of the upcoming book, Lucky to Be Alive: How I used the Law of Attraction and the Power of Self-Love to Save My Life.

Suzie has been an early childhood teacher and college lecturer. She left the security of all that – and the annual holidays! – to create a successful, textile art, multi 5 figure business over 15 years as a textile designer, creator and producer, and marketer, with her own label, Suzie Cheel HandPainted Originals.

Along the way she acquired a Graduate Diploma in Social Communication and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science (Social Ecology).

She also became a blogger and a daily user of social media, engaging with wonderful communities of creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs and healers around the world.

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Facebook: Suzie Cheel Inspires
Twitter: @suziecheel
Pinterest: Suzie Cheel | Self-love, Creativity, Health, Law of Attraction, Healing Art